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12 May 2016
Research | Viet Nam

Evolution of a sanitation monitoring system implemented at scale in Vietnam

East Meets West (EMW)’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system has evolved in the years since it began. Initially designed for internal management, the system now involves monitoring and feedback processes that are jointly managed by sanitation change agents and the EMW team. This M&E system is now being implemented on a large scale in Vietnam and Cambodia. This poster describes the implementers’ review of the system’s effectiveness, and summarizes key achievements, reflections and lessons learned from this analysis.

Support for EMW’s OBA sanitation programs has been provided by the Australian Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Authors: Hanh Nguyen, Georgia Davis, and Per Ljung.

Evolutions of a Sanitation Monitoring System Implemented at Scale in Vietnam – H. Nguyen, et al.

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