Compassion homes are reliable shelter

In Vietnam, families who live in poorly constructed dwellings face increasing threats from rising tides, destructive flooding, and more frequent and powerful storms. The Compassion Homes Program of East Meets West/Thrive Networks is a cost-effective approach to assist vulnerable families to prepare for the effects of climate change by building more flood-proof and storm-resistant houses.

When families contribute labor to the construction of a new home, costs are lowered and the community becomes invested in the process of creating shelter for protection and good health.

Since 2010, EMW has built nearly 600 compassion homes in 10 Vietnamese provinces. Each new home has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen area, a latrine, and a veranda. Though small, the homes are made with finished brick walls, a cement floor, tile roofing, windows and doors with wooden frames and steel sheets, and an electrical system.

Donate to an already thriving and sustainable project. We’re working to meet the housing needs of Southeast Asia’s poorest families.