Meticulous measuring and third-party monitoring ensure excellent data.

Development succeeds when projects are gauged to respond to evidence. Thrive Networks draws its short- and long-term goals around understanding not only what works in a specific location, but also what will be valued by a community over time.

Data and feedback are crucial to our innovations and projections, so we rigorously measure and evaluate our programs and pilots. We subject all operating projects to random controlled trials and third-party monitoring. Further, we undertake quasi-experimental research to garner real-life hypotheticals for future endeavors.

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Our work is never performed in isolation. Successes and obstacles are disseminated to local partners, governments, donors, and academic institutions to share lessons learned and to develop local expertise along the way. We routinely facilitate structured and collaborative peer-learning to objectively gather and document the best practices for delivering sustainable solutions so that communities can grow and thrive.