Thrive Networks’ programs are driven by the most current evidence, relying on carefully conducted research and evaluation of interventions.

Assessments of Thrive Networks’ programs are routinely conducted by third parties or in partnership with universities, and often executed in the form of randomized trials, matched case-control studies, and experimental research. Academic institutes and start-ups regularly approach us to study new technologies in low-resource settings. Our programs are developed using techniques grounded in sound scientific practices and we communicate our findings through academic publications, reports, and other forms of documentation.

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Featured Research

In December 2015, BMC Pediatrics published a study from four hospitals in Myanmar demonstrating that, after the introduction of Thrive’s Newborn Health Program, there was a 69% reduction of blood transfusions for babies born within the hospital and 33% for those born outside the hospital. Reduction in blood transfusions reflects early and effective treatment of jaundice. This highlights the impact of our program model on neonatal morbidity in a low-resource setting.

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