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What does Thrive Networks do?

Thrive Networks is an international NGO pioneering evidence-based programs and technologies in health, water and sanitation, and education for underserved populations in Asia.

What is Thrive Networks’ mission?

Thrive Networks’ mission is to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities in Asia through evidence-based programs and technologies.

When and where did Thrive Networks start?

Founded in 1988 by Le Ly Hayslip, a Vietnamese author and humanitarian who fled to the United States after the Vietnam war, Thrive Networks— originally known as the East Meets West Foundation— was established and has proudly resided in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are Thrive Networks’ current programs and how do they measure success?

Thrive Health is a newborn health program that works to improve healthcare in low-resource settings through innovation, capacity development, partnerships, and research to help vulnerable newborns survive and thrive. Since 2003, the program has helped treat approximately 450,000 newborns in more than 350 hospitals across 14 countries. Program success is monitored by operational research as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Thrive Water delivers water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to underserved populations by pioneering scaled, evidence-based programs in partnership with government institutions, citizens’ groups, grassroots organizations and researchers. Since 2007, Thrive Networks has been leading the design and implementation of output-based aid (OBA) programs in WASH. Thrive Water’s OBA program incentivizes community mobilizers, households and local and regional governments to build demand for and adoption of high-quality sanitation among low-income families. Program success is monitored by careful implementation research and third-party impact evaluation.

Thrive Networks’ Education portfolio includes our SPELL Scholarship program, which aims to reduce dropout rates among at-risk students living in poverty in Vietnam. Coach for College is an evidence-based program to improve educational outcomes and enhance life skills for disadvantaged middle school children in Vietnam.

What is the relationship between Thrive Networks and Embrace?

In July 2015, we welcomed the nonprofit Embrace Global into the Thrive Health portfolio. Embrace was founded at Stanford University in 2008, when a team of graduate students developed a low-tech, low-cost device called the Embrace Infant Warmer to treat newborns suffering from hypothermia. The Embrace warmer joins Thrive Health’s suite of equipment designed to provide appropriate, good quality care for newborns in resource-limited settings.

What is the relationship between Thrive Networks and Blue Planet Network?

In August 2013, we welcomed the nonprofit Blue Planet Network into the Thrive Water portfolio. Since 2002, Blue Planet Network has been committed to helping people in need get lasting safe drinking water and improved sanitation. Blue Planet Network’s community comprises 100+ expert water and sanitation organizations operating in 27 countries on four continents. Using Blue Planet Network’s award-winning online platform and mobile services, members can plan, manage, monitor and analyze their program impact, identifying and resolving problems early to ensure lasting safe drinking water and access to sanitation.

Where does Thrive Networks currently work?

Thrive Networks’ primary programs are currently located in three countries: Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

How many people have Thrive Networks’ programs benefitted?

Since 1988, Thrive Networks’ programs have benefited more than 3.36 million people around the world. In 2015, Thrive Networks’ health, water and sanitation, and education programs benefited more than 345,000 people living in poverty. That number will more than double in 2016 to 890,000 people.

Where do you get your funding?

Thrive Networks has a diverse funding base that consists of individuals, family foundations, foundations, corporations and government agencies. In 2015, the breakdown of support between sources was as follows: 54% Grant Revenue, 43% Individuals, 2% Donations In-Kind, and 1% Contract Services. Top institutional funders of our work include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dubai Cares, USAID, and Wellcome Trust, among others.

I would like to work with Thrive Networks. Do you have any job, internship or volunteer openings?

You can view a list of current job openings on our Join Our Team page. We regret that due to the high number of applications we often receive, we generally do not have capacity to respond to unsolicited applications.

Can my company support Thrive Networks?

There are many ways your company can support our work. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Get your employer to match your donation.
  • If your company has a corporate foundation, make an introduction.
  • Hold a company fundraiser for our projects. By combining efforts, you and your colleagues can have a major impact on the communities where we work.

Have another idea? Let us know by sending an email to development@thrivenetworks.org.

How can I contact you?

We would love to help answer any of your questions! You can reach us by submitting a request to info@thrivenetworks.org or by calling our U.S. office at +1 510-763-7045.