School construction keeps kids in school

In Vietnam, children in rural or remote mountainous areas often study in old or even temporary structures with flimsy walls of bamboo or plastic sacks. The doors, windows and roofs do not keep out rain and wind – which means rural kids often don’t attend school at all during the monsoon. Further, these schools typically do not have sanitary latrines or a source of clean water.

Through local partnerships, EMW/TN has built 350 new primary schools and kindergartens since 2008, keeping thousands of kids in class, rain or shine.

In the last ten years, East Meets West/Thrive Networks has replaced rundown, poorly constructed schools with new buildings that each participating community commits to operating and maintaining. This incentivized, sustainable approach ensures a secure and healthy learning environment for 100,000+ students and teachers across the country.

Donate to a sustainable project that’s keeping Vietnam’s children in school.