Piped Water Supply for Communities in Vietnamese Villages and Small Towns

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Piped water systems constructed, rehabilitated, or expanded


Individuals served by improved water supply in their homes


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East Meets West systems

Our flagship program in Water Service Delivery

Thrive Networks, known as East Meets West in Asia, has been constructing, rehabilitating, and expanding rural and small town water supply systems for nearly 20 years. Systems are generally piped systems, with distribution to households driven by gravity pressure from an elevated tank and employing standard particulate removal and chemical disinfection stages.

An essential feature of these systems is that they are metered at the households, with operating responsibility transferred to either government, collective, or private-sector providers following the completion of physical construction, expansion, or repair.

East Meets West has built, rehabilitated, or expanded over 180 such rural water supply systems in Vietnam, at a performance success rate of roughly 90%.

  • Buy-in from local residents is a precondition for implementing the system, including significant local contributions of labor and materials.
  • Customers pay monthly water tariffs, with financial assistance available for the most disadvantaged community members.

In recent years, Thrive Water has partnered with private water entrepreneurs to expand existing systems, sometimes with solar energy capacity, to serve more residents.

In addition to being an example of Thrive Water providing essential basic human services, the operation of these water supply systems in Vietnam has provided a rich dataset from which to analyze lessons on the drivers of rural water system performance. Local private-sector operation is clearly the management model that provides the best ongoing service, financial viability, and consumer satisfaction.

Thrive/East Meets West staff visit water system in Xa Dai Lanh commune, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

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Loan Duong
Chief Program Officer

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