Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Research

Thrive’s WASH research strives to identify the best methods for increasing communities’ access to clean water, improved sanitation and better hygiene behaviors.

Verification of Sanitation Outcomes in Vietnam and Cambodia through the CHOBA Project

The purpose of this report was to provide independent verification of eligibility for participants in CHOBA, the rural sanitation project implemented in Vietnam and Cambodia by East Meets West (EMW). The project’s aim was to accelerate household ownership of hygienic latrines through…

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Smart Subsidies Help the Rural Poor Climb the Sanitation Ladder

East Meets West (EMW) contracted with the Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI) to conduct an independent evaluation of EMW’s CHOBA program.

The main objectives of the research were to determine 1) to what degree increases in improved sanitation coverage in the targeted areas could be causally attributed  . . .

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The Effect of Smart Subsidies and Sanitation Marketing on Latrine Uptake in Rural Cambodia

Researchers wanted to determine whether sanitation marketing alone, Output-Based Aid (OBA) subsidy targeting the poor alone, or a combination of both interventions would make a difference in latrine uptake across different poverty levels in Cambodian villages…

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Output-Based Aid for Delivering WASH Services in Vietnam: Ensuring Sustainability and Reaching the Poor

This briefing paper utilized internal monitoring and evaluation data to determine lessons learned from the implementation of Output-Based Aid (OBA) water supply, sanitation and hygiene programs in rural Vietnam, the first of their kind in the country…

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The Role of Private Entrepreneurs in Enhancing Impact and Ensuring Sustainability of Rural Water Supply in Vietnam

In 2007, East Meets West (EMW) implemented a project that supported private sector operators, cooperatives, and local government operators of rural water-supply schemes. A customer survey conducted following this project indicated that private operators not only…

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Evolutions of a Sanitation Monitoring System Implemented at Scale in Vietnam

East Meets West (EMW)’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system has evolved in the years since it began. Initially designed for internal management, the system now involves monitoring and feedback processes that…

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