Our Mission & Values

East Meets West’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of underserved communities in Southeast Asia by working in concert with the public and private sectors.

We began in 1988 as East Meets West to help the people of Vietnam, where we continue to innovate today. In Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, we continue to operate under the name East Meets West.

Our expertise is built on over 30 years of experience of designing, testing, and implementing cutting-edge, evidence-based programs in water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), economic empowerment, gender equity, healthy cities and resilient community development to serve underserved populations in Southeast Asia, using innovating financing and service delivery models.



  • Partnering with government, private and nonprofit sectors is essential to achieve universal access to basic services, pull people out of poverty and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Research is a powerful tool to influence policy change.

  • Market-based systems work when incentives serve the poor and disadvantaged.

  • Inclusive approaches to development which consider the special needs of vulnerable communities (ethnic minorities, women and children, and people with disabilities) are critical to sustainable growth in the places where we work.

    All support, whether big or small, long-term or short-term, makes a significant impact and transforms lives in the communities we serve.

Our Evidence-Based Approach

At the heart of our programs are strong partnerships with government, private sector, civil society groups, and local communities. Continuous learning and innovation strengthen our approaches to promoting gender and socially inclusive WASH practices in our partner communities.

  • Where We Work

    East Meets West currently operates in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

  • What We Do

    Our priority programs are WASH, Healthy Cities, and Community Development

  • Our Approach

    We design innovative financing and service delivery models for underserved communities

  • News & Learning

    Read our impact stories, research publications, and media releases