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06 Apr 2021
Research | Viet Nam

Challenges in designing and implementing climate – resilient water safety planning (CRWSP): initial observations from a CRWSP pilot in rural Viet Nam

Water safety planning is a critical issue that has received increasing attention and investment from governments and international organisations because of the nexus between water supply quality and public health as well as other economic and social implications.

However, there remains a lack of clear and comprehensive guidance and instructions for water supply operators in Viet Nam on water safety planning for rural areas and climate resilience particularly in rural areas.

Against these challenges, East Meets West has undertaken a pilot of implementing climate-resilient water safety planning (CRWSP) in two rural provinces of Vietnam.

The pilot is part of the Women-led Output-based Aid (WOBA) Vietnam project funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.The pilot aims to identify any barriers and enablers in implementing CRWSPs and provide recommendations for effective implementation of CRWSPs in rural Viet Nam.

See the initial observations from the pilot here: Pham Dam VN Initial Observations From CRWSP Pilot March 2021.doc

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