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01 Dec 2016
Research | Viet Nam

Citizen Score Card Report

The Vietnam Youth Federation and Youth Union in cooperation with East Meets West piloted a Citizen Score Card survey in four provinces. The objective of the Citizen Score Card program was to improve the quality of water and, to a more limited extent, sanitation services by enhancing transparency and accountability. Within the context of Vietnam’s unique institutional framework, it sought to achieve this by: (i) giving the citizens/water users a voice; (ii) providing a better basis for provincial and local authorities to manage their water and sanitation services; and (iii) changing the organizational culture and incentive system within the utilities. It was designed to set in motion a process of reforms in the water supply and sanitation sector in Vietnam, which can serve as a model for improving the performance in other decentralized public services.

For more details, see here: Citizen Score Card Giving Customers In Rural Water Supply A Voice

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