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07 Feb 2019
News | Laos

Fighting Water Scarcity in Laos with charity: water

At Thrive, we believe that one of the secrets behind our success in Southeast Asia is the strength of our partnerships. For over 30 years, we’ve collaborated with dedicated local and international organizations to build water systems, promote basic sanitation, and teach hygiene practices. We are delighted to announce that in 2019, we welcomed charity: water, one of the world’s biggest nonprofit organizations in the global water and sanitation space, to our list of partners.

You’ve probably seen charity: water’s informational videos or their exciting water campaigns with celebrities, like Kristin Bell, Ellen DeGeneres, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Dedicated to ending water scarcity in our lifetime, they raise funds to invest in community-owned water projects worldwide. They work in over 26 countries and are continuously seeking more people and water-focused organizations to support. This year, Thrive and charity:water will launch two small water projects in rural Laos, where many households and schools are still not connected to a piped water system.

Our local team will partner with government and private water operators to build and manage two piped water systems. When built, these will bring safe water to 2,000 low-income households and eight primary schools in Xayabury province. Additionally, we will:

We are excited for what we can achieve with charity: water on our side. With their support, the people in our partner communities will be the last in their families to live with water scarcity. Stay tuned for updates on our project and our partnership with charity: water!

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