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09 Apr 2024
News | Viet Nam

Justifi UK and East Meets West Foundation collaborate to support children in Da Nang Village of Hope

On April 7th, 2024, East Meets West Foundation (EMWF) was thrilled to accompany 34 students from Justifi UK for a special visit to Village of Hope (VOH) in Da Nang, Vietnam. This remarkable experience not only enriched the students culturally but also marked a significant milestone in EMWF’s mission to foster resilience among the children of VOH.

During the visit, students from Justifi UK and the children from VOH engaged in various collaborative activities, including painting doors and walls, gardening, participating in sports games, and exchanging lovely gifts. These efforts aimed to cultivate a more sustainable living environment at the VOH, nurturing both the physical and emotional well-being of its staff and children. The partnership between Justifi UK and EMWF also seeks to enhance the educational opportunities for the children residing in Da Nang’s VOH.

Participating in these activities left a profound impact on both the students from Justifi UK and the children at the Village of Hope. They shared laughter, smiles, and moments of genuine connection that transcended language and cultural barriers.

For the students of Justifi UK, it was a humbling experience that broadened their perspectives on the challenges faced by children in need. It instilled in them a sense of gratitude for the privileges they often take for granted and inspired a newfound appreciation for the power of empathy and human connection.

As for the children at VOH, the activities brought them joy, excitement, and a sense of belonging. It reminded them that they are not alone in their journey and that there are people who deeply care for them. Moreover, the interactions with the students from Justifi UK served as a source of inspiration and motivation for them to strive for a better future despite the obstacles they may encounter.

These collaborative efforts have fostered bonds of friendship and understanding that will endure for years to come. Together, let’s spread love and support for the children at Da Nang’s Village of Hope and beyond, as we work towards a brighter future for Vietnam and the region.

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