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07 Dec 2021
Research | Multi-Country

Lessons from Water for Women Fund!

Climate change and WASH are intrinsically linked. According to UN Water’s 2020 World Water Development Report, nearly three quarters of natural disasters are water related. When they hit, they can destroy critical WASH infrastructure and access – severely affecting the health, safety and food security of thousands, if not millions of people at a time.

The impacts of climate change are not experienced equally, though. Climate change disproportionately affects women, people living in extreme poverty, people with disabilities and socially marginalized groups, who often have little influence or control over resources or decisions that affect their communities.

Given that climate change has such a significant impact on safe and equitable WASH access and services, climate resilience in the WASH sector is needed urgently.

East Meets West Foundation/Thrive Networks is pleased to announce that Water for Women have just launched their climate change vignette report “Making the Critical Connections between Climate Resilience & Inclusive WASH – Lesson from Water for Women Fund.”

We are delighted to be one of 12 partners of @Water for Women working on projects in the Asia-Pacific that are building climate resilience through inclusive and sustainable WASH programs and research.

Download the full report at:

Read more about our two-page description of our research: Building Inclusive Climate Resilience: Perspectives of WASH Enterprises and Marginalized Households in Rural Cambodia at: Two-page of Thrive Networks



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