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06 Mar 2023
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Women Helping Women – The right place and the right time for Women in climate resilient water supply management

Right Time – Right Place – Finding good help in Prey Ven province to support the rural piped water system in Ampil Krav commune is a challenge. Ms. Kreang Sreypich, the female entrepreneur and water system operator knew she needed the right mix of business skills and local contacts to help her expand water connections and reach more vulnerable families in her community.

At the same time, Ms. Panov Savan, 24, had just left her administrative role at Nong Hyup Finance, a Korean Bank located about 90 kilometers from her home.  She was highly proficient in her responsibilities organizing bank filings and office documentation.  While she enjoyed the work, the travel to the bank, leaving home early Monday morning and returning Friday evening became untenable.  She recently married Mr. Than Seyha, a local truck driver, from her town so she gave up her position with the bank.

Ms. Savan was still very keen to use administrative skills so when Ms. Sreypich recruited her in January 2023 to join her water supply operation Ms. Savan was thrilled.  It was an ideal match of business skills and local knowledge.

Ms. Savan is responsible for the government reporting ensuring timely and accurate information is provided to the Department of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (DISTI) of Prey Veng province on all aspect of the water system including the number of water connections connected, water usage, and business metrics.

While Ms. Savan is very busy with her office work, outside of work she also raises 7 (seven) pigs along with fish in an 0.8-hectare pond. These livelihood activities are highly sensitive to flooding so Ms. Savan is keenly aware of climate change issues both at home and at work.

Ms. Savan has an excellent understanding of the links between climate resilient WASH and good health and sustainable livelihoods.  She shares her knowledge of the importance of access to clean safe drinking water; using a hygienic latrine; washing hands with soap; and using clean safe water for washing during menstruation to avoid infection during menstruation with family, friends and neighbors. Ms. Savan is particularly excited to be in a position to influence women and girls in her community during the CLICR WASH project.

The piped water system is located in three former Women-led Output-based Aid (WOBA) project communes in Prey Veng province; Kdoeung Reay, Chong Ampil, and Ampil Krav (which will continue with East Meets West’s support under the Community – Led, Inclusive Climate Resilient (CLICR) WASH project). So far, 570 families have water connections including 147 vulnerable, GESI families. The piped water supply station employs 7 persons, 2 females (Ms. Kreang Sreypich and Ms. Paov Savan) and 5 males.

With the expansion of the system under the CLICR program, Ms. Sreypich, plans to recruit another female to help manage the increase in workload.  These two women are working to change the face of climate resilient water supply and look forward to having more women join their efforts as more families gain access. “I am proud of myself!  I am a useful person to help community women and girls through my work with Ms. Kreang Sreypich female-led piped water operator.”, shared by Ms. Paov Savan.


The CLICR WASH project is supported by Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through Water for Women and implemented by East Meets West Foundation in Cambodia.




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